After School


Drawing and Mixed Media I

This is an Art fundamentals class that introduces the younger students to drawing, charcoal shading, oil pastels, watercolour and collage. We will reference major artists in India and abroad. We also look at tribal art from around the world like Inuit, Warli, Gond and others. The focus will be on artists who use simple lines and bold colours.


Drawing and Mixed Media II

For students who have completed Drawing & Mixed Media 1, we offer the next level. This class will focus more on technique in drawing, including scale, proportion and shading, while keeping the class light and fun. The topics will continue to be about animals, people, robots, trees and other favorites among our young artists. Students will continue to explore various mediums like watercolour, pastels and collage.


Drawing and Mixed Media III

This class builds on what the kids learned in the previous term in Drawing & Mixed Media 2. We go a step further by adding figure drawing to portraits, introduction to perspective in landscapes and using more collage and mixed media techniques. Students learn about more artists in India and the rest of the world and also start looking at simple aspects of architecture and product design.


Drawing and Mixed Media III

Students enjoy now-familiar subjects like portrait, landscape, still life etc with an emphasis on technique and personal style. Towards the end of the term, these students who have now been with us for several Drawing and Mixed Media terms will work on a final project of sorts where they will each choose the medium they would like to explore further and make a more ambitious work.