7-12 Years

Drawing and mixed media photo

Drawing and Mixed Media 4

Students enjoy now-familiar subjects like portrait, landscape, still life, etc with an emphasis on technique and personal style. Towards the end of the term, the students who have now been with us for several Drawing and Mixed Media terms work on a final project where they will each choose the medium they would like to explore further and make a more ambitious work.


Look I Can Draw

This basic drawing course introduces our older students to fundamental drawing techniques. They will work on drawing and shading a 3D object, copying from a picture, drawing to explain a concept or an idea, landscapes, cityscapes and perspective. We learn about foreign artists like Leonardo Da Vinci, Albrecht Durer, as well as Indian masters like Broota, Bikash Bhattacharya and Laxma Goud.


Color Techniques – Pastel, Markers, Colour Pencils

This course is ideal for students who have already done “Look I can Draw” or are planning on doing it in parallel. The focus is on colour techniques like shading, choosing a palate, colour ranges, restricted colours and so on. The medium in this class is colour pencils, markers, pastels and tempera.


Nature Illustration

Inspired by the spectacular illustrated books of Julia Rothman, this course looks at the wonderful “parts and pieces” of the natural world. Whether it be the beaks of birds, the swirls of shells, the designs on beetles or the variations in mushrooms – this course encourages students to take notice of the natural world around us and make illustrations of its beauty. Unlike our other courses where the end of term work is returned in a portfolio, the works will be loosely bound into a journal for each student. This is a course that teaches both illustration and shading as well as an appreciation for the beauty of nature.


Moving People

We love to draw moving people, whether bowling, dancing, jumping or running. This course introduces contour lines, proportion, movement and more. This course is a great foundation for cartooning, figure drawing and fashion illustration.


Comic Craze

Students explore illustration styles, narrative, sequencing, conflict resolution and character development. They use grid sheets to develop their own graphic novel and illustrate it using inking techniques and markers.