Below 5


Free Expression Workshop

This course is a free expression workshop. The students work with tempera, oil pastels, clay, printmaking, collage and a variety of other mediums and make artworks that are fun and messy. We do not use pencils or draw small fussy details – rather the kids are encouraged to make big sweeping gestures with thick paintbrushes and oil pastels to get satisfying colour results. Unlike our older students, this very young batch creates art that is more about free painting. This course is truly about the journey and not the destination.


Drawing and Mixed Media

This class focuses on giving the younger student an exposure to colour, line and form. The themes of work are usually animals, birds, bugs, and fantasy creatures. Since many of the students are still working on developing their fine motor skills, we focus on the actions of cutting, tearing, sticking, coloring and painting, giving them the confidence to experiment and produce original work. The focus of the theory part of this class is on folk art from around the world and the classes often begin with a small story based on the theme.


Art with Movies

Our younger students explore various medium – collage, oil pastels, tempers paint and watercolours – to create artworks on themes like coral reefs, dragons, toys and jungle landscapes. Each class is based on a movie like Finding Nemo, How to Train Your Dragon, Toy Story and Madagascar. We mix in a healthy dose of fun with movie clips.


Lines dance, Circles float and Colours sing

This course introduces our young artists to the elements of art, line, shape, colour and composition in a fun way. Students will learn about major artists from Kandinsky to Subodh Gupta to understand how they play with the elements of art to create interesting outcomes.