About Us


RainbowFish Studio has developed a comprehensive Art program for students between the ages of 4 to 14. We teach in-school, after-school and conduct workshops.


In Schools

RainbowFish Studio has developed and tested a robust Art and Design curriculum that ranges from KG to Grade 9. Several well respected schools have outsourced their Art classes to us. We send our teachers to instruct the students during regular school hours. For these schools, our teachers handle all aspects of teaching including end of term assessment and grading. We now personally teach about 100 students in each class between our various schools and conduct workshops.


Our curriculum covers Fine Arts and an introduction to Architecture and Design, while providing a careful balance between international and Indian artists/designers, between folk art and contemporary art, between a wide variety of mediums and art concepts. This broad based curriculum has been  developed and tested over two years with about 30 contributing artists, designers, architects and photographers – all of whom have an undergraduate or graduate degree in the arts and related creative fields.


After School

Our Center in Kotturpuram is where it all began. At the studio, we teach students from various  schools who sign up with us for a 10-week after school course or shorter holiday programs. This is where we can try out new and experimental classes because of the high student teacher ratio and excellent facilities available. We provide a safe and fun environment that inspires students to discover their unique and creative talents. Our lessons combine hands-on skill building projects in our studio, research on artists and genres in our library, and relevant theory projected on big screen at our mini-theatre. The classes are typically 60 or 90 minutes long and we have 2 teachers working with a limited class size of not more than 12 students.  We have a Clay Studio as well where students learn sculpture and pottery with a wood fired kiln to fire their work at the end of term.



We have been invited by schools and others to conduct art workshops on campuses, in cafes and other venues. Our teachers bring our curriculum and our approach and the workshops are customized depending on the age and interests of the students. The themes range from Dragon Illustration to Introspective Self Portraits and a variety of mediums can be used at our off site workshops as well.