Adult Workshops


Charcoal, Dry Pastels & Oil Pastels

This course allows the students to explore light and shadow, texture, depth and perspective with charcoal before introducing colour. Though pastels are often misunderstood as a stepping stone to painting with oil paints, dry and oil pastels are one of the most satisfying mediums for an artist. Many of the impressionists like Renoir, Gaugin, Degas and Van Gogh loved pastels. From street artists who work with chalk to classic artists and beyond, our students delve into the world of pastels.


Design Thinking

Thomas Heatherwick designed award winning interiors, buildings, buses, telephone booths,the Olympic torch… the list is endless. He is in great company. Designers like Ray and Charles Eames, Karim Rashid and Frank Gehry have also designed across products and media constantly pushing the limits. We will also touch on information mapping and interactive design looking at firms like Ideo in California and Antenna Design in New York. What do these designers have in common? A systematic and unique approach to solving design problems. Each day’s project will focus on one type of design including a building, a chair, a map, a website and so much more.


Experiments with Acrylic

Acrylic painting has emerged as an extremely versatile medium, combining the fluidity of watercolours and the vibrancy of oilpaints. In this beginner’s class, we will explore the basics and some special texture techniques like dripping and sgraffito (scratching). Referencing greats like Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollock and Andy Warhol, as well as contemporary artists who have pushed the boundaries of acrylic art, we appreciate each of their unique styles. During this short course, we produce several experimental works on paper and other media like plexiglass and plywood.