Holiday Workshops


Art with Movies

Our younger students explore various medium – collage, oil pastels, tempers paint and watercolours – to create artworks on themes like coral reefs, dragons, toys and jungle landscapes. Each class is based on a movie like Finding Nemo, How to Train Your Dragon, Toy Story and Madagascar. We mix in a healthy dose of fun with movie clips.


Christmas Fun

This class has no theory component – just quick demos of technique and then the kids get to work. While the idea is for the kids to have fun and produce beautiful Christmas themed works, we also make sure that they use a variety of mediums and techniques to broaden their artistic repertoire. They create decorations you can use in your home and artworks that can create the perfect Christmas gift.

Summer Workshops


Play with Art and Words

Caligraphy, advertising, graphic design and fine art come together in this course. Students make artworks inspired by a single word, small poem or text. This class is really exploring the style of the visiting artist who will talk about her work and the work of artists who have influenced her.


Breathe Move and Paint

This is a first of its kind class – an experienced yoga facilitator works with our art teachers to guide students through an exploration of gesture, breathe, flow and so much more. Students move between yoga mats and art tables and all activities will be short and varied. This is an ideal class for kids who would like to improve focus, spark creativity or just have a lot of fun.