In-School Workshops

Our long term vision is to incorporate our art program into mainstream education so that children in school learn to appreciate art and develop a life long love for art. If you would like us to help you implement our art programs in your school please contact us.

NiBS Art Workshop

Windows into Memories

We made an installation using old teak window frames in varying shapes and sizes which will became frames for the students artworks. This could be displayed on a wall if we decide to use one side only, or suspended or standing like a screen if we use both sides.


We referenced Indian as well as international artists in our presentation. This was followed by an interactive session where the students were encouraged to voice opinions and engage in a dialogue. A few names we will be discussed were : Gulam Mohamed Sheikh, Subodh Gupta, Atul Dodiya, Anjolie Ela Menon, Louise Nevelson and some others. We will also touched  upon Tibetan thangka painting as a traditional symbolic art form.


The students responded quickly and eagerly to the project an dug deep to come up with incredibly moving stories from their lives and memories from their school days. They made beautiful series of windows into memories.

Tropical Birds – Grade 3 and 4

For grades 3 and 4 at the NBS school art fair we were asked to do a project on the theme of tropical birds. We chose to do an oil pastel resist with water colours and referenced the Sri Lankan artist Seneca Senenayake. The students really impressed us by creating incredibly beautiful and very original birds. Our goal of getting each child’s own artistic vision to show in their work really came through with this project and when we completed the workshop we had birds in every shape, colour and size imaginable.

Steam Punk and Doodle Art

The project was about the students’ individual memories in school and what they will take away with them once they graduate. The result was a mural size artwork with as many silhouettes as student artists. Each silhouette will be filled with Steampunk or Doodle art based on the memory theme. The work can be displayed together or apart.


Both Steampunk and current Doodle artists like Vladimir Gvoz will be referenced, so that the students got an idea of the two different styles. Rekha Rodwittiya, whose art combines portraits and memories, was also be referenced.They began with the drawing of their outline which they traced from their photograph projected on the cartridge paper. The students worked with pen and ink and a strong background using poster colours.


We are particularly proud of this project and our students who turned out some stunning results.

Schools, Parents and Students say....

The Rainbow Fish Art Programme has been introduced in our school in the current academic year. The curriculum not only helps the students to be creative but also encourages them to appreciate the beauty and aesthetic appeal of various things they often take for granted. The symmetry in the petals of a flower, the unique architectural design of famous buildings, the colour scheme and spacing used in various advertisements…..these are just some of the things a child learns to look at anew. Even without textbooks, the students are able to grasp concepts taught in class and apply the same in application oriented questions in the examination. We take this opportunity to congratulate the team from Rainbow Fish for helping every child find the artist within.


Tamara Ann Coelho – Principal (Lady Andal, Chennai)

Perfectly combining art theory, expert teaching and insightful facilitation with the wonder and joy of finding new ways of looking, seeing, thinking and making art, a Rainbow Fish workshop is perhaps best described as a bright and brilliant rainbow of creativity itself! While they make it look all too simple, there is true genius in their ability to help each and every child discover the artist in himself/herself and produce work of an astonishing standard. Remarkably professional and well- planned, it was an absolute delight to have Sara and her team work together with our children during Young At Art, our annual art festival.


Pooja Jhaver – Chairperson(NiBS, New Delhi)

Zai (Class 3) has enjoyed it thoroughly, and eagerly looks forward to Thursdays because that is the day they have Art. The variety of media being used, and the varying activities each week have been stimulating.


Ms. Maithili Shaan Katari Libby (Parent)