Ladies Night

Our anniversary special adult workshop was held at Amethyst. Sip and Paint ladies night was a 2 hour workshop focused on the life and work of the great American painter Georgie O’Keeffe.


We had 45 workshop attendees and 7 instructors to facilitate this lightly guided workshop. After a quick introduction, participants used several media like oil pastels, dry pastels and watercolours to colour a pre-drawn sheet that was later put together to create a huge collage inspired by Georgia’s work.


Following this, each participant worked on one or two artworks in the medium of their choice. They could choose from flowers on display as their subjects and in O’Keeffe’s style they did extreme close ups of the flowers. A glass or two of their favourite wine or a top up from a discreet hip flask and delicious snacks did a lot to bring out the inner artist in our participants !


The evening wrapped up with a pub quiz about the artist of the evening and prizes for the winning team. Flash cards on the tables gave participants an opportunity to learn interesting anecdotes from O’Keeffe’s life as well. The workshop was well attended and participants had a great time while learning about this important artist!