Portraits Of Nature

Our 2nd anniversary-special kids workshop was held at the Amethyst cafe garden. Portraits of Nature was a two hour workshop that taught kids an important lesson about framing. Our 4 art instructors worked with 2 batches of kids. Each child was given a colourful viewfinder and they were taught to use the viewfinder to frame interesting parts of the garden such as a petal, a cluster of flowers or a leaf in close up.


The children then drew and coloured their portrait of nature using different media. The younger age group used oil pastels for their work, while the older kids used watercolours. Depending on the medium that the kids chose, they were encouraged to use different techniques such as blending and wet-on-wet.


Of course we had a much needed milkshake break half way through the project. The kids had a great time, they enjoyed the garden and created beautiful artwork.