The Hindu Summer Camp

This year, between May 3rd to 11th, RainbowFish Studio collaborated with the Young World Summer camp organized by the Hindu Newspaper. Over 7 days, we conducted 22 sessions in 7 venues of 3 hours each with upto 50 students a session in Chennai and Bangalore. The morning batches had younger students – grade 3, 4 and 5 and the afternoon batches were grades 6, 7 and 8. The younger batches did two activities – a self portrait using oil pastels and water colours and an owl collage using collaging techniques, oil pastels for outlining and water colours for the fills. Older students did a symbolic self portrait inspired by artist Rekha Rodwittya and Frida Kahlo and they did a concept sketch of a chair designed by them using principles of design based on works of Eames, Wegner, Heatherwick and others.


It was our largest off site project till date and while we battled the heat of summer, we were amply rewarded by our students enthusiasm and their creativity. We got wonderful feedback from our students and their parents and look forward to many more off site workshops.